The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Stove

Buying the best camping stove Australia has can be a tricky task, as there is a range of factors to consider.  I mean how many burners do you need, and what about BTU’s?  Are you limited on space and so need to consider the weight and size of the outdoor stove too? These are just a few of the things to consider when it comes to buying the best portable stove.

I like to consider myself a bit of a chef and so take my cooking very seriously, even when it comes to cooking on a camping trip.  I actually use both a portable gas stove and a BBQ on our camping trips.  It did, however, take me a bit of research before buying each and I have to say after years of use I’m incredibly happy with my camp cooking equipment.

However if you’re just starting to look for the best portable camping stove for your camping trips, then this will be a great guide for you.  In this camping burner guide, I’ll take you through all the different features you need to consider to purchase the right type for your camping needs.  I’ll also look at some of the top rated camp stoves currently available in Australia and compare their features closely so you might even find just what you’re after in this guide.

No matter what sort of portable cooking stove you’re after, hopefully after reading this guide you’ll be closer to finding what you’re after.  Whether you’re after the best camping gas stove, the best 3 burner camp stove, the best 2 burner gas camping stove, the best single burner camp stove, or even just the best cheap camping stove burner, you’ll be well on your way after reading these reviews.

So let’s get into it and find you one of the best camping stoves for sale!

Do you Need an Outdoor Stove for Camping?

Ok first things first do you even need an outdoor camping stove top for your trip?  Well that depends.  If you just plan on camping at places that have BBQs and great camp kitchens, you could get away with not having a stove for camping.   However I personally recommend that you do, at the very least have a small camping stove anyway.

There are a few reasons why I recommend you have your own simple camping stove, even if you only plan on camping at places with facilities.

  • If you rely on the campsite facilities, you’ll have to line up with everyone else to cook your food, even just to boil some water for a cuppa. Sometimes you’ll be waiting for a while.
  • Every time you want to cook something, you’ll need to gather up all your cooking stuff and cart it over to the BBQs or camp kitchen – such a pain in the butt! I like to cook right by my campsite and be surrounded by my friends and family.
  • Occasionally the campsite equipment won’t work, which is a real inconvenience – this happened to us once when we had forgotten a connection for our camping burner stove and the bloody campsite BBQ didn’t work either. We ended up having to use a neighbouring camper’s equipment.
  • Being self sufficient opens up your camping options so much more. If you have all your own equipment, you can camp in some pretty unique remote locations.

If this is your first camping trip, perhaps you can rely on your campsite’s facilities or your friends’ stove if you’re camping with others.  But if you plan on going camping every year, I highly recommend investing in your own good camping stove.

Single Burner Stove

How to Choose the Best Portable Camping Stove

To purchase the best outdoor stove for your camping trips, there are a few things to consider.  So before rushing out and buying the first stove you find; I urge you to take some time to consider what you really need.

To ensure you purchase the ultimate camping stove that will last you years and years, consider the following factors.

Number of Burners

Perhaps one of the first things you need to decide is how many burners you need on your portable stove.  A burner is what you put your saucepan or fry pan on to so how many you need really comes down to how many people you’re cooking for and how fancy the meals are that you are cooking.

For anyone who knows me, I’m a bit of a chef, even when it comes to cooking while camping, so I couldn’t get by with anything less than a double camping stove as I like to have a few things on the go at once.  Gosh, I even take our portable BBQ with us too.

However if you have a small family and only plan on cooking the basics when you camp, then perhaps a small mini camping stove will do the job.  Whereas super big families might even want to consider a 3 burner gas camping stove.

BTU (British thermal unit)

BTU or British thermal unit is the measure used to determine how hot the stove can get.  I’m not going to get too technical here, but basically the higher the number, the hotter the gas camping stove can get and the quicker it is to cook your food.

I’m sure you’ve been there before, where your food just seems to take forever to cook on the burner.  This is because the BTU would have been pretty low.  Most portable cookers come with a BTU of between 8,000 to 25,000.  So a camping gas stove with a BTU of 25,000 is going to perform much better than a camp stove with a BTU of 8,000.

If you don’t want to be waiting all night for your food to cook, the best portable gas stove is one with a higher BTU.  However note that the higher the BTU, the higher the gas consumption also.

Weight and Size

There is a huge range in the weight and sizes of all the different camping gas stoves for sale.  Whether weight and size are an issue for you will depend on the type of camping you’re doing and how much space you have available in your vehicle.

A standard twin burner camping stove can be anywhere from a few kilos to around 7 kilos, which probably isn’t really a problem for car camping, but perhaps not ideal if you’re hiking to your camp spot.

In terms of size, most burners fold down pretty compactly and don’t take up too much space in the back of your vehicle.  A single burner is so small you could put it in your backpack.

Fuel Type

Most burners can be used with either the little green propane bottles or your standard LPG gas bottle which you might use at home.  While an LPG bottle is much bulkier, it is our preferred option as it’s much more friendly on the environment and more economical.  However if space is a real premium, you’ll be best to stick with cookers compatible with small propane bottles.

Portable butane gas stoves sometimes referred to as lunch box cookers, use to be common, but these can pose significant safety risks, and we don’t recommend them.  At one stage they weren’t even available for sale in Australia.  You can also get stovetops which you pour fuel into a tank; I also don’t recommend those either for safety reasons.

Can I just say before you set off on your camping trip, always check and triple check that your connectors are compatible between your camping gas burner and whatever fuel you’re using!  We’ve had it happen to us and friends too, where the connectors aren’t compatible, and we haven’t been able to use our outdoor gas stove.

You may have to buy separate connectors that don’t come with your outdoor burner stove – so check this well before you set off on your trip.

Woman with small portable stove

Other Features

Above I’ve covered some of the more important factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a good stove for camping, however below a few more features you may like to consider too:

  • Ignition: Most of the best outdoor camping stove options these days have auto ignition; otherwise you will need to ensure you have matches or a lighter to start it.
  • Easy to Clean: For easy to clean portable stoves, look for ones with drip trays.
  • Wind Protection: Look for stove stops that have sidewalls or built in wind protection to provide shelter to the flame, so that it doesn’t keep going out because of windy conditions.
  • Stove Width: For double or triple burners, you’ll also need to consider the placement of the burners. Too close and you’ll only be able to cook with small pans and saucepans.
  • Legs: You can even get a deluxe camping stove which comes with its own legs so the cooker can stand on its own; otherwise you’ll just need a steady table to put it on.

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