The Best Vocal Effects Processors

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If you’re looking to create a live acoustic experience as enticing as the Sirens, but are a soloist, then a vocal effects processor may be just the tool you’ve been seeking. Sitting as a mid-point accessory between the microphone and the PA system or sound board, a vocal effect processor allows for real-time vocal editing, to create a more dynamic, immersive performance and audio experience.

Vocal effects processors serve multiple functions, but as the name suggests there are two main features: adding effects and processing vocals. These compact components come preprogrammed with effects such as voice doubling, echo, and reverb. The device can also run voice correction, pitch control, and many contain harmonizers which will create a multi-part harmony out of one vocalist.

These units are super easy to use and bring a level of professional engineering that would otherwise require a highly-skilled sound engineer at the mixing board. Except, even then, a human could probably not keep up with the speed of digital processing. These components bring studio effects to a live performance, as well as help unlock on-the-fly vocal creativity.

GOXLR has been engineering ultra premium sound equipment, basically forever. Their tried and true, road-tested and musician-approved components are a welcome addition to any performer’s equipment setup.

The GOXLR is feature-rich and value-packed. Loaded with effects like distortion, strobe, and radio, this unit will create a dynamic performance. Coupled with a plethora of vocal effects, the GOXLR vocal processing is second to none. Quickly fire up layers of harmonies or on-the-fly pitch correction for stunning vocal purity.

We like this unit for its features, ease of use, and the fact that it is battery operated or plug-in powered. It takes some getting used to, but then it becomes second nature.

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