Best Tech Gift Ideas Everyone

Robotic vacuums have only proliferated over the years, but iRobot has long been leading the pack with robotic vacs that also pack in other smarts for even better cleaning.

And as a result of this steady evolution of better and better robot cleaners comes the Roomba . This pizza-shaped robot packs in optical and acoustic sensors to make sure it doesn’t miss any dirt in your home. It can be programmed to clean up to 7 times a week, but you can always just press the “clean” button manually and the robot will get to work. It’s also only 3.6 inches tall, so it can easily glide under most couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.

The Roomba also comes with what iRobot calls a “Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier.” This gadget gives you greater control over where the Roomba is allowed to go, so you won’t give your pet a heart attack when it’s just trying to eat.

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