Best Photo Light Box Buying Guide for Beginners

If you’re a product photographer or online seller, a photo light box is one of the most useful gadgets you can buy. It’ll help you showcase your products beautifully to your customers.

However, not all light box models out there will work for you. The guide below should help you find the best photo boxes according to your needs.


Light tents come in a variety of sizes. There are small models where nothing larger than a regular smartphone can be photographed, and there are models big enough to accommodate a human adult.

If you’re an online seller dealing in jewelry, small electronics like mobile phones and WIFI routers, footwear, handbags, and so on, then a size between 16 by 16 inches and 32 by 32 inches should work for you.

If you’re looking for something portable, the same size range will work for you.

Ease of assembly/disassembly

Ease of use plays a key role in determining the worth of a light box. And when talking about ease of use, you want to know how easy it is to assemble and disassemble the box.

We find that the model that most people prefer is the one that can be collapsed into a compact, thin size and popped back into box form in seconds.

Look for one that doesn’t need any tools to assemble or disassemble it.

Shooting angles

Some mini photo booths have an open front panel. Others have all the sides closed, with small openings around for the camera lens.

Whatever model you prefer, it’s important to have different shooting angles. The more the openings on the box, the more the shooting angles. You want to have openings at the front and on top.

The lighting

The whole idea of having a photo box is to have good and controlled lighting that helps you take the finest shots. You want the lighting to be bright enough and to be well balanced.

An incandescent bulb won’t offer you that! You want LEDS. And remember, LED luminosity/intensity is measured in lumens. The more the lumens, the more the brightness.

Something else to look at is the color temperature. Once again, the higher the color temperature, the better the shots.

The fabric that the box is made from also matters. A good light box has a reflective interior that properly diffuses the light rays.

Some boxes also come with a built-in diffuser for evening out the light.

Another feature you’ll find in the best photography light box is the ability to adjust the brightness of the LEDs.

How To Take Care Of And Maintain Your Photo Box

You’re in luck! Why? Because a light box’s care and maintenance are extremely easy. But that’s as long as you understand your light box.

The most important part of the care and maintenance is the cleaning. To have clean snapshots, it goes without saying that the box should be dust-free and spot-free.

So, once in a while, use a clean towel to wipe down the surface and remove any dust and smears you find. You can dampen the towel if the surface is made of plastic.

If the surface is plastic and it’s particularly dirty, use lemon oil and some mild detergent to restore the finish.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Read the user instructions – each light box has its specific way of assembly and disassembly. Don’t force it apart during assembly or force components together when assembling the equipment. Rather, use follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions. That way, you’ll not have any broken or deformed parts.
  • Avoid UV exposure – direct sunlight on your tent will damage the fabric. Keep your led light box away from it at all costs.
  • Operate in a clean, dust-free environment – cleaning is usually not a fun task. To prevent dust from accumulating on your photo light box, try working from a clean environment free of dust.
  • Store it properly – some boxes come with a bag where they can be stored after use. Once you’re done with your work, fold your box properly and store it in the bag. Ensure it stays in a clean, dry place.

Psst…we find that folding the box everyday can gradually diminish its stability. You might want to avoid folding yours after every use, especially if you use it often.

Try, instead, to cover it and place it in a corner somewhere and fold it only when you know you’ll not be needing it for a long time.

  • Don’t let it overheat – keeping the lights on for extended periods of time isn’t a good idea, especially if the box starts to heat up. As soon as you’re done taking the shots, unplug the power cord or switch it off.

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