2020 Buyer’s Guide: The Best Space Heaters For Your RV

Being on the road, either while camping or being a full time RV-er, is best when done in comfort. Unless you’re a snowbird and have the luxury of of relaxing in warm weather, chances are you’re going to encounter some cold times here and there. But rather than turning up the heat with every shiver, sometimes just resorting to a small space heater can get the job done. 

In this review, we’re going to take a look at some of the best space heaters for RVs and help you outline which is ideal. To ease your shopping experience, we’re going to go over the main features of each model, then discuss some pros and cons.

The main features are aspects particular to each model, while the pros and cons are reports we’ve reviewed from recent buyers. Believe us when we say you won’t want to miss out on this. If you’re on the hunt for a new space heater, this one’s for you.

Types of Space Heaters

Some say all space heaters are alike. While they do perform the same task, in fact, not all space heaters are the same. To help explain this a little more, we’re going to breakdown some popular types of space heaters.

Propane Space Heater

One of the most popular types of space heaters known by many are propane heaters. These models are ideal when it comes to keeping warm around a picnic table, or when there’s a lack of electricity. 

If you’re considering buying a propane heater, be sure to look for safety shut off features that will engage in the event of the heater accidentally being knocked over or coming into contact with low-oxygen.

Oil-Filled Space Heaters

Known for their steady heat output and old school style warmth, oil-filled heaters are a great way to boost temperatures over a long period of time. While they do take a little bit longer to warm up, compared to other models, these are sure to do the job every time.

Infrared (Radiant) Space Heaters

When someone say the word space heater, more often than not, they may be referring to infrared heaters. Commonly known as radiant space heaters, these are recognized for their ease of use and wide range of versatility. 

They are among the safest available for purchase and are great for heating up small areas. Place one of these next to your legs or on the ground near a table, and enjoy – just be sure not to place them too close, you may be caught off guard by how well they work.

Ceramic Space Heaters

Due to their innovative design and excellent heat output, ceramic space heaters have grown to be a popular pick among shoppers. These space heaters heat the air, compared to the object they’re nearby, and do a great job of moving the warm air around the room. Due to this design, they are efficient and sure to put an end to any nippy occasions.

Electric Space Heaters

User-friendly and compact, electric space heaters are ideal for RV enthusiasts. These ‘plug-and-play’ models are always up for the job, and are sure to turn any frosty evening into something warm and cozy. If you’ve been eyeing an electric space heater, be sure to think about its size relative to your RV, and never leave it on and unattended.  

What Makes A Good Space Heater? 

When shopping for a new space heater, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind. Some may think price is priority, but that’s certainly not the case. Let’s discuss some of the top components that go into making a solid space heater.


Yes, size matters. When reviewing models, it’s important to think ahead about the space you’ll be using this heater in and the output you may demand in the future. Buying a smaller model because it seems like an optimal choice, may not work out in the long-run. On the other hand, if you choose a model that’s too big, you may feel it’s a burden to haul around.


Price isn’t the only thing that matters, but it does play into any shopping experience. We recommended staying within the limitations of your budget and securing a model that’s ideal for you and your bank account. We all hate buyer’s remorse, do your best to avoid being an enemy of guilt.


Our goal of introducing the previous section before this, is to ensure you have all the information available to make a well-informed purchase.Think about the type of RV you have and how that may play into the type of space heater you choose.

Do you have plans to use this heater outside your RV? Or is it meant to keep your legs warm when winter comes? Thinking about questions like this in advance can help narrow down the type of space heater that’s ideal for your lifestyle and needs.  

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